What is MetaPoo - The story of NFT Integration

In the previous post, we discussed the prospects of DeFi and NFT and the difficulties these 2 sectors are experiencing. In this post, we will introduce MetaPoo, the first NFT-integrated DeFi protocol on Solana, and how we will disrupt the world of NFTfi and DeFi.

Why we built MetaPoo

MetaPoo team is in love with Blockchain technology. We aim to share the best of Blockchain with everyone. Seeing the adoption of DeFi and NFT, we can’t help but attempt to combine these two into one family.

Until now, the majority of NFTs are collectibles. By understanding the core structure of NFTs, we believe that NFTs can be much more than what they are at this point. We want people to hold NFTs as assets that can bring more and more value. That is the reason why we started with DeFi, an application that everyone has been familiar with. MetaPoo will be launched in the near future, so, get your S*** together!

What is MetaPoo?

MetaPoo is the first NFT-integrated DeFi protocol on Solana, giving our NFTs intrinsic value tied heavily with every product in our ecosystem.

In addition, to ensure the decentralization for the community, MetaPoo will be a fairlaunch project with its products launched in turn based on a predetermined Roadmap to avoid price manipulation by whales and sharks (those who buy tokens early at a low price).

MetaPoo’s main products include:

- Auto Market Maker DEX, built on Solana.

- NFTs, NFTs Marketplace, and NFTs Auction House.

- Auto-compounding staking pools.

- DAO Mechanism for token holders.

- Decentralized Launchpad, which assists anybody who wants to use MetaPoo’s platform for crowd-funding.

All MetaPoo’s products are built on Solana, one of the fastest Layer1 Blockchains at the moment.

Why Solana

Recently, Solana has been attracting considerable attention due to its advantages of being a layer 1 blockchain. With extremely fast speed and low transaction fees along with the ability to scale up enormously, Solana has become the ideal layer 1 for dApps.

Furthermore, NFT on Solana is considered a normal standard Token, thereby enabling much more metadata to be stored within. Thanks to this, we can add more features to our new generation NFTs. As you will see, NFTs will become an essential part of our products, indicating that the NFTs mechanism of Solana is a true game-changer.

How are we integrating NFTs in our products?

In the last 2 years, NFT has become a new normal for virtual collectibles. People spend millions of dollars trading NFT collectibles. However, by studying the mechanism of NFTs, we believe that NFT can be much more than just collectibles. In order to increase the intrinsic value of NFTs, we have given specific features to MetaPoo’s NFTs that allow holders to receive extra benefits just by holding or staking their NFTs. Additional functions will also be added to the next generation of MetaPoo NFTs in the near future.

In the MetaPoo ecosystem, there are two types of NFTs: Crapper Series and Wiper Series, each with unique scarcity and properties.

  • Crapper Series is a limited NFT that is only available for purchase 2 weeks after the launch of MetaPoo. Owning a Crapper Series’ NFT will grant the owner a fixed % of $MTP emission in perpetuity.
    Crapper Series are made especially for MetaPoo core contributors, who follow and believe in MetaPoo at the beginning. That’s why it is your exclusive benefit to receive gains alongside MetaPoo.
  • Wiper Series is our first generation in the series of unique feature NFTs. Holders of Wiper Series’ NFT can stake the NFT together with LP tokens, granting them a bonus $MTP reward alongside the normal staked reward.
    Each Wiper Series NFT will have its own set of performance metrics, such as percent boost and pool eligibility.

How to own MetaPoo’s NFTs? What specific applications will they have?

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MetaPoo provides Yield Farming experience with New Generation #NFTs on #Solana TG Announcement: https://t.me/metapooann Whitepaper: https://docs.metapoo.cash