NFT in 2022: Trends to be Aware Of

2021 was the year of the Non-Fungible Token, with the industry experiencing record sales while NFTs continue to transform the people’s view on digital assets. So, what are the top NFT trends investors should watch out for in 2022? Here is our opinion.

Non-fungible tokens have been around since 2014. But it wasn’t until last year that their popularity truly became remarkable. Suddenly, crypto exploded into art, gaming, music, and many other areas for the first time.

And new use cases are being constructed all the time. What’s going to come in the year ahead?

#1 Blockchain Gaming Emerge

In 2021, the transaction volume of multiple blockchain gaming projects surpassed 1 billion US dollars, millions of people played blockchain-based games in 2021 alone. GameFi is widely considered to be a key driver of blockchain adoption for years to come and NFTs will play a key role in this adoption.

The line between the “virtual” and “real” economies is thinner than it has ever been. Projects like AxieInfinity, Yield Guild Games, Zed Run, and others have shown us that it is possible to earn money in a virtual space like games.

As play-to-earn opportunities continue to expand, we believe that more people will start to spend more time in online gaming environments. And as this trend continues, NFTs will play a key role in tying the virtual economy to the physical world. This is because NFTs are crucial for generating and retaining unique value in digital spaces.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gaming you’re in — if there’s an opportunity to build and retain value, there’s an opportunity for NFTs. Currently, this value is mostly associated with virtual objects and avatars, such as weapons, spaceships, and character outfits. But in the future, gaming NFTs will also play an important role in gaming identity, cross-chain reputation, and much more.

#2 Big Brands Buy-in

NFT market growth will continue as the technology expands into the mainstream over the next year. A lot of top companies are getting into the space, including Visa, Coca-Cola, Prada, Adidas, PUMA, and many more.

Earlier in 2021, Visa joined the rapidly-growing NFT space when it purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for 49.5 ETH, or approximately $150,000. The company stated that it views NFTs as representative of the intersection between culture and commerce.

In July 2021, Coca-Cola launched its first-ever NFT collection, including a bubble jacket that can be worn in Decentraland’s 3D virtual reality game, a 1990s-themed friendship card, sound visualizer, and vintage cooler, which all went up for auction via OpenSea.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most highly-regarded universities in the world, provides its graduates with the option to receive blockchain-based digital diplomas as part of a program promoting recipient-owned virtual credentials. The technology, which was developed in partnership with Learning Machine, uses blockchain to both protect and verify diplomas.

This trend could be one of the most important developments going into 2022 and beyond. It both provides companies and institutions with the opportunity to explore the emerging NFT space while giving NFT projects a chance to lean on established brands in order to showcase the real-world utility of digital assets.

#3 NFT-integrated DeFi

Since the advent of Bitcoin, people have used blockchain technology to make huge strides in creating new financial systems based on decentralized technology. People everywhere can access new wealth-building opportunities.

However, investment gatekeeping still exists in the blockchain world. Crypto-based fundraising methods like ICOs, IEOs, and STOs have high starting costs. This prevents many projects from accessing the capital they need. And the average person is prevented from accessing a number of high-growth opportunities.

But NFTs can grant more people access to better investment opportunities — and provide startups with a new path to funding. New kinds of fundraising methods, like GamesPad’s Initial NFT Offering (INO), provide an efficient and low-cost way for projects to raise capital, with neither the gatekeeping of traditional investing nor the challenges of other kinds of token raises.

In 2022, NFTs will evolve to represent assets with intrinsic value, and thanks to the composability of DeFi, we will see some interesting trading pairs and yield-bearing products, as a result.

Introducing MetaPoo NFT-integrated DeFi Protocol

Despite the recent exponential rise of NFTs, most NFTs remain just collectibles with no other tangible utility. Many collectors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on these NFTs just to have them sit in their wallets idle. This is mostly due to the absence of Intrinsic Value in existing NFTs.

Aware of that, MetaPoo is one of the leading protocols in combining DeFi and NFTs. NFTs of MetaPoo all have intrinsic value and will be tightly integrated into its MetaPoo’s products.

In order to increase the intrinsic value of NFTs, we have given specific features to MetaPoo’s NFTs that allow holders to receive extra benefits just by holding or staking their NFTs. Additional functions will also be added to the next generation of MetaPoo NFTs in the near future.

MetaPoo is the first NFT-integrated DeFi protocol on Solana, giving our NFT intrinsic value tied heavily with every product in our ecosystem.

MetaPoo’s main products include:

- Auto Market Maker DEX, built on Solana.

- NFTs, NFTs Marketplace, and NFTs Auction House.

- Auto-compounding staking pools.

- DAO Mechanism for token holders.

- Decentralized Launchpad, which assists anybody who wants to use MetaPoo’s platform for crowd-funding.

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MetaPoo provides Yield Farming experience with New Generation #NFTs on #Solana TG Announcement: Whitepaper:

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MetaPoo provides Yield Farming experience with New Generation #NFTs on #Solana TG Announcement: Whitepaper:

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