MetaPoo Fair Launch: Top of the Table Event

2 min readMar 24, 2022

Hey MetaPooper, climb to the top of MetaPoo Staking/Farming Leaderboard to get your hands on the bonus MTP reward.

The MetaPoo Fair Launch takes place on March 24th, 2022.

We will launch a total of 12 Farming/Staking Pools for our beloved members.

To encourage users to use MetaPoo, we will offer a two-week bonus reward period for the first two weeks of the launch, where $MTP emission will be 6.0x the normal emission rate in the first week, and 4.0x the normal emission rate in the second week.

To incentive users more, we are hosting the “Top of the Table” event.
Any top 5 users who have the most Value Locked daily will get a 1000 $MTP reward (additional the original reward).

How to participate?

Simply deposit your cryptocurrency to our Staking/Farming Pools. Our protocol will record your deposit number 24/7.


1000 $MTP to each of the top 5 users who has the most Value Locked daily.


  • The Top of the Table Event will run from 24th March to 31th March 2022 (The first week of the Fair launch).
  • The deposit amount of each user will be recorded automatically
    The Leaderboard will be snapshot once per day, at 3 PM UTC
  • If 2 competitors have the same amount of deposit number, the one who gets it earlier will be rewarded.
  • MetaPoo team reserves the final decision regarding the interpretation of the contest rules, eliminating participants at their discretion, and the final judgment of all entries.

Reward Allocations:

Winners will be rewarded in MTP and will be distributed after the end of the contest on March 31th, 2022.

‍MetaPoo is the first NFT-integrated DeFi protocol on Solana, giving our NFT intrinsic value tied heavily with every product in our ecosystem. MetaPoo is a fair-launch project with its products launched in turn based on a predetermined Roadmap to avoid price manipulation by whales and sharks.

MetaPoo platform was fully audited by SolidProof, and also being audited by several other reputable auditing firms. Users can find our Auditing report here:

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