MetaPoo Fair Launch: List of Staking/Farming Pools

2 min readMar 22, 2022

We are excited to announce the MetaPoo Fair Launch that starts with Staking, Liquidity providing, and Yield Farming. Here is the list of MetaPoo Staking/Farming Pools.

MetaPoo is a fair launching project. There is no pre-sale, no angel investor, and no pre-mine. The majority of the $MTP tokens will be distributed to various stakeholders that create values for the MetaPoo ecosystem.

The MetaPoo Fair Launch takes place on March 24th, 2022.

We will launch a total of 12 Farming/Staking Pools for our beloved members.

To encourage users to use MetaPoo, we will offer a two-week bonus reward period on the first two weeks of the launch, where $MTP emission will be 6.0x the normal emission rate in the first week, and 4.0x the normal emission rate in the second week.

Single Asset Staking Pools

With MetaPoo, you can stake your crypto assets to our single asset staking pools for the best yield in DeFi space. In addition, you can use NFT booster (Poo Series NFT) to earn much higher APR% rewards
At the fair launching, #MetaPoo Single Asset Staking Pools included:

  • RAY
  • SRM
  • ETH
  • SOL
  • BTC
  • USDC

LP Token Yield Farming

MetaPoo offers a yield farming feature to all members. You can stake MetaPoo $LP tokens to earn $MTP rewards. In addition, you can use NFT booster to earn higher APR% rewards
Here is the list of Yield Farming Pool at the Fair launching:

  • RAY — SOL
  • BTC — USDC
  • SOL — USDC
  • SOL — USDT

$MTP staking Pool

To reward $MTP token holders, we create $MTP staking pool and MTP-USDC liquidity providing pool. When you make a deposit of $MTP token into the staking vault, you will receive more $MTP token.

Currently, the MTP Single Stake Pool and MTP-USDC Pool are available for your choices.

‍🌾 MetaPoo is the first NFT-integrated DeFi protocol on Solana, giving our NFT intrinsic value tied heavily with every product in our ecosystem. MetaPoo is a fair-launch project with its products launched in turn based on a predetermined Roadmap to avoid price manipulation by whales and sharks.

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