Meet the MetaPoo NFT!

NFTs from Poo Series allow you to achieve much higher APR% on your liquidity positions. Users just need to stake them together with LP and single asset tokens to receive boosted rewards.

There will be Four type of Poo NFTs for a limited quantity.

Let meet them!

Holy Sh!t

Holy Sh!t is the god of money in MetaPoo Inc.
Everyday, people of MetaPoo Inc. will pray to Holy Sh!t. There’s even a big statue of Holy Sh!t at the headquarter of MetaPoo Inc. Legend said that Holy Sh!t was the very first founder of MetaPoo Inc, and he still blesses the descendants till now.

Norma Sh!t

Norma Sh!t one of the first agencies of MetaPoo Inc.
Norma is cheerful, lovely, and smart. Every customer who comes to Norma’s shop loves the friendly atmosphere. Norma always tries her best to answer each and every question of the customers with the most accurate information of the products.
Norma’s shop is always full of new customers. People are often guided to Norma’s shop if they need MetaPoo’s products for the first time. At Norma’s shop, every customer got treated equally professional. It is safe to say, Norma is the smiling face of MetaPoo Inc.
Please ask Norma if you ever need help with any products of MetaPoo Inc. Norma might not be the best advisor, but she will have the most reliable answer to your problems.

Hardy Sh!t

Hardy Sh!t is the toughest agency of MetaPoo Inc.
Hardy has huge muscles, tattoos, a scary face, but a warm heart. Hardy often speaks so loudly that sometimes scares off his customers. His face is always bright red that makes everyone think he’s angry all the time. But if you look around, you can see all the familiar customers laugh at his every nagging.
Hardy has a very straightforward personality. He only speaks the truth, even though it may sometimes hurt people’s feelings. This is why, if a customer gets past the angry attitude of Hardy, he/she will love his advice on products. Hardy only sells products that fit the customers. Doing business with Hardy, you will never worry about paying useless money. His words are ugly but true. He will give you the best advice you can get.

Loose Sh!t

Loose Sh!t is the “green” agency of MetaPoo Inc.
Loose has had a weak stomach since the day he was born. He is always feeling sick and can’t digest most things. That’s why his only hope is to bring healthy products to everyone, so that no one has to suffer like he does.
In Loose’s shop, you can only find healthy products. Shopping is always a peaceful journey with soft lavender aroma, healing music, and the guidance of Loose. He always asks for the health condition of the customers and their needs. From there, Loose will give advice on products and usage for each individual. So if you want to improve your health, Loose is always at your service.



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